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Tool Responsisualizer Responsisualizer:
- A responsive web page multi-device screen simulator.
Visualizes a web page in 18 different screen resolutions simultaneously, in live functional simulated device views.
- Useful both to check the responsive action and to verify the design layout of the web page at different screen sizes.
- It´s also a stress test of the web page, with the 18 almost simultaneously requests to the page, if there is any time critical in the code or the site / server.
Link Library:
A link library of useful quality links within web coding.

Live Demos

  1. Demo GuestBook You can try it out and see a demo of my Guest Book.
    (And write a message to me, if you want :-) or just test it!)
  2. Demo PhpTrackIT Explore my demo of the visit logger PhpTrackIT!
    N.B. In the PhpTrackIT demo is not all tracked details displyed when not logged in, because I care about the privacy of my website visitors!
  3. Demo Responsisualizer A responsive web page multi-device screen simulator: Responsisualizer.
    Visualizes a web page in 18 different screen resolutions simultaneously.
  4. Demo PhpGallery A photo gallery script: PhpGallery.
    Automatically crop photos to thumbnails and large photos, and creates image text files.
    Also creates an index file of the photos display order and the page pagination.


For the moment I code:
- A Guest Book script called Guest FootPrint IT - GfpIT Guest Book.
- An advanced visit tracking software - PhpTrackIT.
- A responsive web multi-screen simulator - Responsisualizer.
- A photo gallery script - PhpGallery.
- My "SimpleSinus" Web Platform, which I use for this site.
Which all are planned to be released as free open source software in the future.


Technical links

Current operational situation of electricity in Scandinavia - Map: Production & consumption


Här kommer statistik när jag kodat färdigt...

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