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Wellcom to the Demo GuestBook @ Autonomtech!
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 If something don´t work out well in the guestbook I appreciate if you describe it in a
This is a demo of my GfpIT guest book but it works sharp! So please keep it nice!
But don´t hesitate to testing it out by writing your message(s) in it!

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Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Home page of Bosse (webmaster).Flag | Datum: 2017-01-27, kl.14:24
Gravatar site.gravatar.comTestar bara att allt är OK med gästboken efter uppgradering av hela siten.
Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Flag | Datum: 2011-02-04, kl.10:25
Gravatar site.gravatar.comThe functionality of inserting smiley into the messages is fixed!

Even from the extended smiley set:
Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Home page of Bosse (webmaster).Flag | Datum: 2011-02-04, kl.09:08
Gravatar site.gravatar.comPictureJust testing that the demo installation of my guestbook is ok!
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