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Wellcom to the Demo GuestBook @ Autonomtech!
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 If something don´t work out well in the guestbook I appreciate if you describe it in a
This is a demo of my GfpIT guest book but it works sharp! So please keep it nice!
But don´t hesitate to testing it out by writing your message(s) in it!

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Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Flag | Datum: 2023-08-28, kl.12:09
Testar efter att webbhotellet uppgraderat.
Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Home page of Bosse (webmaster).Flag | Datum: 2019-02-26, kl.21:14
Gravatar site.gravatar.comTesting the new mobile friendly adaptation of the guestbook. Seems to work well
Has made the input fields responsive and adapted the layout to mobile use.
Will be easier to post in the guestbook from your phone now.
Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Home page of Bosse (webmaster).Flag | Datum: 2018-10-29, kl.22:56
Gravatar site.gravatar.comTesting that the guestbook works OK now with the site protected by SSL certificate as well as DNSSEC.
Looks very good with this security
Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Home page of Bosse (webmaster).Flag | Datum: 2018-05-25, kl.22:23
Gravatar site.gravatar.comHej Jorge Castro!
Tack för frågan, men tyvärr är sidan / webbplatsen inte till salu.
Min tanke är att driva den många år till i egen regi.
/ Bosse
Edit msgNamn: ABS Wheels | Home page of ABS Wheels.Flag | Datum: 2018-05-22, kl.14:04
Är sidan till salu?

/Jorge Castro
Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Flag | Datum: 2018-05-13, kl.12:07
Gravatar site.gravatar.comVerify that my guestbook functioning OK with Php 7.2.x.
Seems OK
/ Webmaster
Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Flag | Datum: 2017-04-12, kl.14:29
Gravatar site.gravatar.comVerifying the function of the Guest Book running under Php 7.1, after upgrading the php-scripts to be compatible with Php 7.1.
Seems to run well with full functionality
Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Home page of Bosse (webmaster).Flag | Datum: 2017-01-27, kl.14:24
Gravatar site.gravatar.comJust checking that everything is OK with the guestbook after upgrading the entire site.
Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Flag | Datum: 2011-02-04, kl.10:25
Gravatar site.gravatar.comThe functionality of inserting smiley into the messages is fixed!

Even from the extended smiley set:
Edit msgNamn: Bosse (webmaster) | Home page of Bosse (webmaster).Flag | Datum: 2011-02-04, kl.09:08
Gravatar site.gravatar.comPictureJust testing that the demo installation of my guestbook is ok!
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