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Got the domain active 2006-12-18

Bosse, webmaster Autonomtech
I webmaster, Bosse, at a cozy hiking.
In an environment where I thrive well.
Midsummer 2010-06-25, in Sweden.

This web site is mainly used for php script and some JavaScript development and testing.
It also serves as a demo viewing platform of some of them, where one can test and play with the function.
In the futur I will also incorporate some technical information, data and knowledge here.
Plans are also for some technical web pages here later on, incorporating some services to use.
There is already a Link Library web page with useful quality links within web coding.

The content on this site focuses on:

1. An unifying page of my php script development.

2. Demo of some of my coded php-scripts.

3. Some services for web development.

4. An useful link library page.

5. Hints and knowledge about web site programming, later on.

6. Maybe some free small php code snippets in the future.

Focuses on this for a clear and transparent website with good quality!

All material on these pages are copyrighted unless I explicitly say anything about a certain material, see English (Berne Convention) , Upphovsrätt (Wikipedia SE) respectively, Copyright (Wikipedia EN) description of copyright.
That means you may not copy or lend any text, graphics, image or photo from here without the written permission of the webmaster or if it explicitly says on the website that very thing may be copied or loaned!

A short quotation of text is however permissible if a direct link next to the citation is added refering the Autonomtech web page where it´s downloaded from, and the name "Autonomtech" is set as the reference. (NOTE: Short quotes are not entire long descriptive texts!)

It is also not allowed to embed, oEmbed, add in an iframe or similar, photos or other materials on its own web page, by directly linking to the image or the material of Autonomtech! (It steals the Autonomtech´s bandwidth and gives the illusion that the material belongs to your web page!)
Normal linking to Autonomtech web pages is of course permissible under usual Internet operational practices and appreciated, where the Autonomtech web site opens in its own window or tab in your browser.

If the webmaster accidentally insert material that is copyrighted by someone else, it will be removed within a reasonable time as soon as webmaster been informed of it by reference to the source of the material.
(E-mail link to webmaster in the web page footnote.)

1. Content on this website (
Webmaster disclaim any responsibility for the information on these web pages is current, accurate, complete or meet a certain quality. The webmaster can therefore not be held liable for damage that may result from use of the information presented here, no matter if it is incomplete or incorrect.

The information on this website is provided without commitment or guarantee. Parts of the pages or the entire website including all offers, all the tips and information might be extended, changed or - wholly or partly - taken away by the webmaster without special notice.

2. Entries in the guestbook:
Webmaster is not responsible for the content of messages posted in the website´s guestbook. Responsible for the messages is each visitor who wrote the post. IP will be logged for each message in the guestbook, for traceability. Inappropriate, illegal, abusive or offensive entries in the guestbook will be deleted by the webmaster as soon as possible after the webmaster has been noticed / informed.

3. Use of the content:
All materials, facts and information from these web pages are used at your own risk. Webmaster does not guarantee in any way the content of the data and information on the website and webmaster absolve themselves from any responsibility for any inaccuracies in the translations, descriptions, information processing and / or transcripts of quotes, code snippets, code standards, keywords in programming languages or other texts.
Activities, services for web development, code snippets, web links, etc., and other things you can do or use, as webmaster, or another person's contributions describe in these pages, is up to each person / visitors to self-assess the appropriateness of, the dangers and risks of doing, use or perform.

4. Links to external content:
Webmaster is not responsible for any copyrighted material behind the links, it can then be the one using the content behind links that violate the law!
This site links to external material always opens up the external material in its own web page window or browser tab.

Technical info on the website

The site is optimized for responsive web design (RWD) and the usual browsers of a few years back.
Functionality built on JavaScrip are designed with Graceful degradation / Progressive enhancement .
The site is coded as "cross platform safe" and "cross browser safe", with "safe web fonts", without "browser hacks" or any adaptation of which browser visiting the web pages.
The Web pages are optimized for the commonly used browsers as well as for screen resolutions from 480x320 and up, which makes them mobile-friendly.
Available on the Internet with its own domain name at a web host.

My thoughts on these web pages:
I do it with style... (uses CSS - stylesheets).
I do it standardized... (using web standard Html5 that validates by W3C).
I do it structured... (separates the structure, graphic style respectively the content of the pages).

- I try to make the site easy to read, easy to navigate and clear but still personal!
- Focus very much at user friendliness, with few mouse clicks and short cursor movements.
- Design the site with Responsive Web Design (RWD) to work equally well on all devices.
- Would make as everything new on this website should be easy to find, as well as existing content!
- Ambition is a stylish consistent layout that is simultaneously attractive and pleasing to the eye!
- For good readability supports you can change the text size of the pages via the menu in your browser.
- The pages should be downloaded fast and be easy for me to maintain and develop further.
- Follows strict web standards (HTML5) and encodes for efficient indexing of search engines´ robots, SEO.
  Those who are searching for something that is on this website is thus given a good chance to get here!

Version 4.0 is updated with:
- New layout which is more modern, cleaner, stricter, more refined and efficient with the web page space.
- Adapted for mobile phones and tablets (which constitutes 40-50% of the visits to my website nowadays).
- The common code-core of the web site is cleaned and reworked for responsive web design (RWD).
- Most of it is now prepared to implement responsive design functionality!
- Still focusing on cross browser safe functionality without using browserhacks!

Version 4.1 is updated with:
- Responsive functions via media queries, etc. is now implemented!
- The entire site will now operate responsive to tablets and mobile phones smaller screens.
- The web pages headlines now have a neat some CSS3 3D-like design.

Version 4.2 is updated with:
- A little bug fixing and optimization / touching up of the responsive functionality.
- It is not until now the version 4 is placed in full operation for my website on the Internet.

Version 4.3 is updated with:
- Function to manage large tables on small screens, like mobile phones, where the table is made locally horizontal scrollable sideways and an info box of it appears above.

Demo table of a wide table that scrolls sideways on smaller screens.
Col 1 Col 2 Col 3 Col 4 Col 5
Data 1 Data 2 Data 3 Data 4 Data 5

Version 4.4 is updated with:
- A minor fine tuning around the box model for the responsive implementation.

Versions 4.5 to 4.8 have as improvements for these web pages:
- A little fine tuning here and there for better function.
- Has been fixed that both Html5 and CSS code validate completely.

Versions 4.9 have as improvements for these web pages:
- The website is now protected by SSL Certificate (HTTPS) and DNSSEC.
- And the load time has been reduced by using preload and dns-prefetch.

Version 5.0 have as improvements for these web pages:
- The website is further secured by enabled all the security headers.

Version history more detailed:

2014-06-15 Version 4.0 with a new layout that is more modern, cleaner, more restrained, more elaborated and more economical with the web page space considering surfing via mobile phones and tablets (which constitutes over 30% of the visits to my websites nowadays). Much of the common core code of the web pages are revised considering responsive web design (RWD), cleaned up and code made more uniform. The responsive function via media queries, etc. is not implemented yet!
All site unique info is now lifted out into a separate configuration file, for easier system maintenance ahead.
This is a job I´ve been doing now and then in a slow tempo during two years.
2014-06-25 Version 4.1 with responsive functions via media queries, etc. is now implemented!
The entire site will now operate responsive to tablets and mobile phones smaller screens.
2015-02-22 Version 4.2 with some bug fixing, optimization and touching up of the responsive functionality.
2015-03-06 Version 4.3 with some smart features to manage large tables on small screens, like mobile phones, where the table is made locally horizontal scrollable sideways and an info box of it appears above. Each table alerts you when it starts having scrolled via .scrollLeft and isNaN(). Relative scroll position is also typed as information, together with an info text and an icon that it displays best in landscape screen mode.
Also has cleared away some 10yrs old code that is no longer used, which speeds up the web pages display / load time some.
2016-03-24 Version 4.4 with a minor update on the box model for the responsive implementation.
Both the core (bug) and in the CSS, with the "box-sizing: border-box".
Have among other things done that "box-sizing:border-box;" becomes the default value for all code, via inherit.
2018-10-22 Version 4.5 to 4.8 with minor general small improvements.
Both in core and in CSS, with some bug fixes and updates.
Has been fixed that both Html5 and CSS validate completely and removed all displayed errors in the Firefox Web Console in the web developer panel. Also inserted <footer></footer> around the web pages´ footer information, for SEO.
2018-10-29 Version 4.9 with security updates and optimization.
Both in core and at server, with enhanced Internet security and web page security.
The website is now protected by SSL Certificate (HTTPS) and DNSSEC.
Now achieves security level A+ at SSL Labs SSL Server Test.
The web code is also optimized with preload + dns-prefetch for faster loading. All the graphical design elements (images) of the web pages are now loaded via preload before the CSS file is loaded, which means these can be loaded in parallel with the CSS file being loaded and parsed. Otherwise, the CSS file´s loading and parsing will block all other activity, but this way the browser can use the bandwidth and the client´s CPU capacity optimally for faster load-time. See chart below:
Waterfall diagram
Waterfall diagram of web page loading.
2018-11-03 Version 5.0 with security update.
In core, with enhanced Internet Security and Web page security.
The site is now further safer by enabling all security headers: Referrer-Policy, X-XSS-Protection, X-Frame-Options, X-Content-Type-Options, Content-Security-Policy, Feature-Policy & Strict-Transport-Security. Now achieves security level A at Security Headers.
The site´s cookies are now set with the attributes: secure; HttpOnly;.
The page footer layout is aligned via CSS columns for better responsive design.

Internet Security:
I follow the recommendations on the website about not displaying detailed photos of myself or others!
Since October 2018, the website is protected by SSL Certificate (HTTPS) and DNSSEC. Provides secure encrypted transmission between the browser and the website, which also provides a better ranking of search engines.
Since November 2018, all security headers are enabled for the best security and the website is now achieving security level A+ at SSL Labs SSL Server Test and security level A at Security Headers.

PUL, PersonUppgiftsLagen (Swedish Privacy Act):
PUL means that I do not put photos with easy recognizable people on these web pages, so therefore becomes my photos here and there a little "not-so-living" on this web site.

Cookies: (Updated: 2018-04-20)
This site, Autonomtech, uses cookies to enable the webmaster to get good statistics about the visits to the web pages, which is used to further develop the web pages.
PhpTrackIT puts two cookies, one session and one persistent, to count the number of visitors session to the site. PhpTrackIT stores no personal / private data in cookies.
Autonomtech does not allow third party cookies on the site.

The cookie is a small text file that resides on your computer. It contains no personal information, but just makes sure that the visit session is unique to these web pages. You will remain as anonymous to the webmaster with or without these cookies.
Cookies are the only available technology for counting visitor sessions over a little longer period of time, and by allowing them, the statistics will be used to develop the web pages better.

If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can close the website or make settings so your browser does not accept cookies. More information about cookies and the Electronic Communications Act can be found on the Post and Telecom Agency website

Use of cookies like this is OK according to the European Commission:
In January 2017, the European Commission clarified the high-level privacy rules as follows:
"The so called "provision" which has resulted in an overload of consent requests for internet users, will be streamlined. New rules will allow users to be more in control of their settings, providing an easy way to accept or refuse the tracking of cookies and other identifiers in case of privacy risks. The proposal clarifies that no consent is needed for non-privacy intrusive cookies improving internet experience (e.g. to remember shopping cart history). Cookies set by a visited website counting the number of visitors to that website will no longer require consent."

PhpTrackIT logs your visit: (Updated: 2018-04-20)
Visits to the website AutonomTech ( are logged locally on the server using IP number, time, web page being visited, clicked internal links and other perfunctory open information contained in the header in the call to the web page. PhpTrackIT focuses on statistically treat all information based on an Unique Virtual Visitor algorithm, where only half the IP address is used for this and thus does not constitute private information.

PhpTrackIT also puts two cookies, one session and one persistent, to count the number of visitors session to the site. PhpTrackIT stores no personal / private data in cookies.
Autonomtech does not allow third party cookies on the site.

The visit logging is in order to develop the AutonomTech website in the best way, by following how the different web pages are visited, so it gives added value to my visitors while it conveys what webmaster want.
PhpTrackIT focuses on visualizing trends of many visits rather than the individual visit!
Log data is only used by the webmaster and makes in some part available in anonymous form as statistics on the website. No log data from PhpTrackIT is communicated to third parties.

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