Returning Human visitors during the last 30 days

The Returning visits of the visitors are analyzed, out from data in the log posts, as unique visitors visit sessions running count value for a 30 day period, but displayed for the time span to view.
In parallel are the accumulated returning visits tracked via a stored visit sessions count in cookie, and a corresponding analyze of returning visit sessions is made out from unique IP numbers. Data from cookie and IP No is as a reference.

Statistics of unique returning visitors for the choosen time span of 30 days
Method of defining returning visit sessions4 :
(UVV: Unique Virtual Vistor fingerprint method.)
UVV1 IP1 Cached2

Total unique visitors by methods: 6 6 6 6 6 62
Total visit sessions (by session cookies): 6 6 6 6 6 62
Total number of viewed web pages: 6 6 6 6 6 6
Returning unique visitors by methods: 0 0 0 0 0 0
Returning visit sessions by methods: 0
Pageviews made by returning visitors: 0
Max returning visit sessions of an unique visitor: 0 0
Mean value of visit sessions by returning visitors: nan nan nan nan 1 1
Unique visitors making returning visit sessions: 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Returning visit sessions of all sessions: 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Pageviews made by returning visitors: 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Percent of returning visitors has an active persistent cookie5: NAN% - NAN% NAN% NAN% NAN%
Percent of returning visitors has a reseted persistent cookie5: NAN% - NAN% NAN% NAN% NAN%
1) Based on visitors data within the time span, for unique vistors defined by the UVV algorithm respectively by IP-No.
    The UVV algorithm is the one containing the most true statistic values (and the one PhpTrackIT is based upon).
    The IP algorithm often gives a to high value of sessions per visitors due to reused dynamic IP adresses.
    The only use case of the IP No. within PhpTrackIT is for the benchmarking and algorithm validation here!
    Based on anonymized IP-number log data.
2) Includes returning visitors who have made visits earlier than this time frame and now makes ≥1 visit(s) within it.
    The Cookie algorithm often gives a to low value of sessions per visitor due to deleted cookies.
    The Cached algorithm (new of PhpTrackIT) is the very most accurate method of returning visitors statistics.
3) Based on the returning visits count value stored in the cookie of the vistors, for unique visitors within the time span.
    This count value is since the cookie was created and thus could contain data for longer period than the time span!
4) A visit session = a series of pageviews / actions of an unique visitor with no more than 3hr since last pageview.
5) This provides an indication of the problem of using cookies for tracking purpose (which PhpTrackIT does not use).
    Some / many returning unique visitors have deleted (reseted) their cookies between visits, thus the cookie data.

Top 10 of TriSense returning unique visitor visit sessions of latest 30 days

Unique vistor - Returning visit sessions

Top 10 of Persistent Cookie based returning unique visitor visit sessions1

Unique vistor - Returning visit sessions
1) Since the cookie was set, which can be long time back outside this time span.

Log posts of returning visits (visits session > 1 per unique visitor) analyzed out from UVV.
Sorts first on number of Returning visits and second on latest visit date.
(N.B. All pageviews / visits of an unique visitor (UVV) are collected in one data card, which is expandable vi filtering.)

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Visa BesöksStatistik:

Loggat av: PhpTrackIT
(max 1 besök loggas per 3.0 hr per unik besökare¹ och webbsida)

Hela webbplatsen:
- Webbsidor¹ senaste 30 dygnen: 8 av personer² & 8892 av robotar²
- Webbsidor¹ senaste 24hr: 1 av personer² & 127 av robotar²

- Unika besökare¹ senaste 24hr: 1 personer², 30 robotar²
- Webbsidor per unik besökare senaste 24hr: 1.0/person², 4.2/robot²

- Unika besökare¹ senaste 30 dygnen: 8 personer², 898 robotar²
- Webbsidor per unik besökare senaste 30 dygnen: 1.0/person², 9.9/robot²

- Snitt senaste 30 dygnen (webbsidor/24hr): 0 av personer² & 296 av robotar²
- Snitt senaste 30 dygnen (unika besökare/24hr): 0.3 personer² & 29.9 robotar²
- Robotar utgör 99.9% av besöken senaste 30 dygnen

- Max webbsidor/24hr: 621 av personer, 2017-02-21
- Max unika besökare/24hr: 113 personer, 2018-08-14
- Max webbsidor/30dygn: 1046 av personer, 2017-02-24
- Max unika besökare/30dygn: 175 personer, 2018-08-15
  Max statistik loggad sedan: 2017-01-18

- Server time uses for PhpTrackIT logging:
- Primary log: 1.5 ms (log time part affecting webpage load time)
- Secondary log: XXX ms (asynchronous log time not affecting webpage load time)
- Ping time (Server-Browser-Server Internet round-trip time, via Php/Ajax): XXX ms
- ServertimeThis: 0.3 (ms), inclusive Includetime: 0.1 (ms)

¹ Enligt en anonym unik virtuell besökare algoritm (UVV, Unique Virtual Visitor).
² Enligt en robot-igenkännande algorithm som effektivt skiljer på robot- och person-besök.


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