About PhpTrackIT visit logger

The analytic purpose of PhpTrackIT is to visualize the use and behavior of the website, for web development and for business insights.

PhpTrackIT saves analytic metrics of all visits at your website for an overview and statistics of its use, as a real time web analytics.
PhpTrackIT focus on visualizing trends of numerous visits rather than the individual visit! All in clear easy to get analyzed data!
Track data and actions individually for each webpage you want on your website with one common Php script.
Also for dynamic webpages (based on GET).

Instant real time access to statistic data and analysis, without any time delay - only the load time of the webpage! No need of daily or frequent compilations of saved data!
PhpTrackIT is a real time website tracking analytics software!

Smart on-the-fly asynchronous precompiled analyses gives you fact and figures of the visits very fast. The lean double buffer data logging gives a low server load of your website.

Get the Web Browser, Operating System, Screen and GeoIP data of your visitors.
Get hardware data statistics such as screen dimensions, screen pixel ratios, screen aspect ratios, browser viewport statistics, client devices (mobile, tablet or lap/desktop), needed for web site development.
Distinguish in analyse and presentation between human visitors and robots for valuable statistics, including robot indexing of web pages.
PhpTrackIT includes referrer spam detection.

PhpTrackIT uses an anonymous unique virtual visitor (UVV) fingerprint algorithm to sort data, respecting privacy.
The UVV distinguish real visitors over a shorter time. Long time it does not. The UVV doesn´t use cookies and does only use one half of the IP-No, for both privacy and technical reasons.

Get visit trends, statistics per hour and day, webpage popularity ranking, search keywords from which search engine hitting your webpage's, last visits and much more from PhpTrackIT.

PhpTrackIT uses heuristic signature recognizing for search engines and referrer spam analyse instead of processor intense, fast outdated, signature database technique¹. For robots is an even more efficient brand new technique used, taking a footprint of the unique behaviour of a Robot.

PhpTrackIT operates in three modes:
1. Public, 2. Log In, 3. Admin.
In Public mode one can define a restricted access to the statistic plugins of PhpTrackIT.
PhpTrackIT also offers a lot of personal configurations of data logging and data display.

For privacy reasons and for the analytic purpose, does PhpTrackIT avoid techniques that are used to build profiles of users´ browsing activity. The focus is instead on analytic metrics of visualizing trends of numerous visits, metrics of the website utilization and some none private metrics of hardware and performance timing.

PhpTrackIt can only collect analytic metrics within a website, thus can not track users across websites which would else violate both the privacy and the analytic purpose.

Uses Web Analytics Definitions and Terms, in its analysis, from Digital Analytics Association.

¹) Heuristic signature recognizing gives some rare false detections but catches many new ones instead, in contrast to a signature database technique which get outdated fast and thus needs a regularly updating.

  • PhpTrackIT is developed by Bosse at AutonomTech.se as an advanced web analytic software.
  • PhpTrackIT is built on a modular design using plugin modules. It means that data analysing plugins can be made by third party developers and extend the presentation of the logged data.
    PhpTrackIT make use of data encapsulation for easy future development of its code.
  • The power of a visit analytic software is the power of its visit tracking kernel, which is what PhpTrackIT focus on and reaches a "State of the art" in, according to my judgement (2010).
  • PhpTrackIT has basic common functions, a sort of an "API", for the data extraction of the data and basic presentation graphic and analysis, which also can be used by third party plugins.
  • PhpTrackIT focus on the latest 30 days visits for up to date statistic data (but can display older data).
  • PhpTrackIT is designed for low server load and as short delay of the web page display as possible. Keywords are: Lean, Clean, Simple, Inuitive, Smart and Proactive.
  • PhpTrackIT main processing of saved data is made asynchronous for responsive webpages.
  • PhpTrackIT uses a three stage buffered log architecture for high efficiency.
  • PhpTrackIT saves as little redundant data as possible, for high efficiency / fast response.
  • PhpTrackIT offers a function for blocking hackish style visits from accessing webpages, thus making the webpages less vulnerable for hacker attacks due to less safe written php code. This is a simple form of a Web Application Firewall, which ideally should handle all of the top 10 security vulnerabilities in the list of OWASP. More on Application Firewall at Wikipedia and more on Web Application Firewall at ModSecurity (ModSecurity at Wikipedia).
  • PhpTrackIT shows when webpages are indexed and by which indexing robot. Unique?
  • PhpTrackIT displays and abstracts data for the needs of both the web and business development people.
  • PhpTrackIT analysis the behavior of the visitors, the web pages, the webserver, the Internet connection and to some extent of the web browser, which gives a broad view of the webpage use and performance.
  • All the information collected by PhpTrackIT (including GeoIP locations, browsing behavior and events) is fully saved as raw data (as opposed to aggregate data), extended with some precompiled data, which means that it will always be available for future custom reports.
  • The whole structure of the PhpTrackIT is based on hyperlinking via the ClickTrackIT GUI, thus making it easy to explore a wide range of statistic aspects of the visits and the use of a web site and explore more the whole time!
    It´s the mindset or paradigm of the PhpTrackIT philosophy. A clear and intuitiv navigation, allowing a very complex and easy to extend functionality, without a complex hard to navigate menu system!
    (This approach also makes it very easy to develop new plugins for third party developers!)
  • The ClickTrackIT GUI introduces data filtering by an intuitive hyperlinking methode, by clicks on icons or button, which interactivly step by step creates a complex data filter.
    ClickTrackIT opens up for an easy to use, advanced segmentation filtering.
  • PhpTrackIT logs GeoIP data as country, region and city by use of the free GeoLite2 City. This gives such unprecise rough geolocation data that it can not be considered as private data and thus does not violate privacy. It more gives a geolocation hint of where from the web page is accessed.
  • Should you require greater GeoIP accuracy, offers MaxMind the commersial GeoIP City as a drop-in replacement for the free GeoLite City. Then is an automatic update also possible.
  • This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from www.maxmind.com.
  • PhpTrackIT saves its data in a few flat files, for easy installation and lean server load.
  • PhpTrackIT uses very reliable algoritms and functions for safe storage of visit data in files.
    These are influenced by transaction processing system thinking.
  • PhpTrackIT don´t have the possibility to tag nor name visitors, due to its violation of privacy!
  • PhpTrackIT runs on your web site server, thus having same uptime and availability as it.
  • PhpTrackIT runs on your web server and thus you own your statistical data of the web site.
  • PhpTrackIT is benchmarked against other visit trackers (like: GoSquared - Clicky - Woopra - Matomo (Piwik) - Netminers InSight - PHP Web Stat - W3Counter - Histats - Google Analytics - webtrends - eXTReMeTracking - SiteMeter - Chartbeat - Open Web Analytics (OWA) - Clarity by Microsoft, Simple Analytics (on Twitter), Fathom Analytics, etc.)
    Bing search on "real time web analytics"... N.B. It´s great having some different approached visit trackers, supporting various web sites and web owners´ needs!
    See also: Web Analytics Vendors Review & Comparison Sheet: Which Solution Will Be Right For You?
  • PhpTrackIT has its own personal approach of its data logging, processing and visualization.
    It displays and abstracts statistic data in a different way than, e.g. Google Analytics does.
  • I developed PhpTrackIT due to I couldn´t found (in 2005) any free visit logging software focusing good enough on trends of numerous visits and distinguishing between human and robot visits data.
  • The idea of PhpTrackIT is to be a complement to Google Analytics or other state of the art web analytics software, by visualizing statistics and data in a different approach, and by not tracking visitors around the Internet violating privacy. Also by be able to track data, which only a locally hosted web analytics software is able to do.
  • The PhpTrackIT has been a low speed development project for me since the start in 2005.
  • For the release and version history, see VersionHistory page
  • This website use the Perfect popups script provided for free by http://www.howtocreate.co.uk. Customers are not charged for use of this script. The script views pictures in full size pop-up.

Disclaimer statements... and the use of cookie... (more will come):
You acknowledge that AutonomTech.se provides PhpTrackIT software as is and you receive no warranty as to the results or fitness for purpose of this software, nor any kind of support.
You use PhpTrackIT on your own risk and can´t claim AutonomTech.se for any problem it causes nor any crashes or losses of any sort, or any interferency problem width the webpages, which the log kernal code of the PhpTrackIT is integreated in.

The software is provided "AS IS" without any warranty, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The author will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages due to loss of data or any other reason.

PhpTrackIT uses cookies to store some anonymous data for the counting of visitors.
If you don´t accept the use of cookies, you can enable it in your web browser:
What Are Cookies?
Use of cookies like this is OK according to the European Commission:
In January 2017, the European Commission clarified the high-level privacy rules as follows:
"The so called "provision" which has resulted in an overload of consent requests for internet users, will be streamlined. New rules will allow users to be more in control of their settings, providing an easy way to accept or refuse the tracking of cookies and other identifiers in case of privacy risks. The proposal clarifies that no consent is needed for non-privacy intrusive cookies improving internet experience (e.g. to remember shopping cart history). Cookies set by a visited website counting the number of visitors to that website will no longer require consent."

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Visa BesöksStatistik:

Loggat av: PhpTrackIT
(max 1 besök loggas per 3.0 hr per unik besökare¹ och webbsida)

Hela webbplatsen:
- Webbsidor¹ senaste 30 dygnen: 8 av personer² & 8892 av robotar²
- Webbsidor¹ senaste 24hr: 1 av personer² & 127 av robotar²

- Unika besökare¹ senaste 24hr: 1 personer², 30 robotar²
- Webbsidor per unik besökare senaste 24hr: 1.0/person², 4.2/robot²

- Unika besökare¹ senaste 30 dygnen: 8 personer², 898 robotar²
- Webbsidor per unik besökare senaste 30 dygnen: 1.0/person², 9.9/robot²

- Snitt senaste 30 dygnen (webbsidor/24hr): 0 av personer² & 296 av robotar²
- Snitt senaste 30 dygnen (unika besökare/24hr): 0.3 personer² & 29.9 robotar²
- Robotar utgör 99.9% av besöken senaste 30 dygnen

- Max webbsidor/24hr: 621 av personer, 2017-02-21
- Max unika besökare/24hr: 113 personer, 2018-08-14
- Max webbsidor/30dygn: 1046 av personer, 2017-02-24
- Max unika besökare/30dygn: 175 personer, 2018-08-15
  Max statistik loggad sedan: 2017-01-18

- Server time uses for PhpTrackIT logging:
- Primary log: 1.5 ms (log time part affecting webpage load time)
- Secondary log: XXX ms (asynchronous log time not affecting webpage load time)
- Ping time (Server-Browser-Server Internet round-trip time, via Php/Ajax): XXX ms
- ServertimeThis: 0.3 (ms), inclusive Includetime: 0.1 (ms)

¹ Enligt en anonym unik virtuell besökare algoritm (UVV, Unique Virtual Visitor).
² Enligt en robot-igenkännande algorithm som effektivt skiljer på robot- och person-besök.


Contact about the viewed logged statistic tracks, see at site: http://www.autonomtech.se

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