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PV-controller Dashboard test web page


Web page created: 2021-07-24

My experimental platform for coding of a graphical PV-controller Dashboard!

The main dashboard shows aggregated data as a clear visual system overview of the current operational status of the off-grid PV-system. It should be easy to perceive inuitively even at a distance where you cannot read the text. Shows the main aspects of the operational data.

It´s also a good thing to have correct precision on displayed data, corresponding well to actual measured precision. You can´t for example measure SOC in percent with decimals precision and should therefore display the SOC percent data without any decimal. If one displays the current with two digits of precision the voltage should not have more digits of precision. If the first digit is 1 one can add one extra digit in precision. Otherwise, it´s not done engineeringly!

To have the battery SOC gauge visually easy to read from a distance it should have a good height, and therefore is displayed as a vertical easily recognized standard-size AA battery.
Done for lead acid battery it also has its most important SOC-levels marked out, 10%, 30%, 50% & 80%.

Detailded views of the electrical current flow between units and detailed digital data with all the digits for current, voltage, etc is more suited for one or two sub-dashboards. Is more for troubleshooting or detailed study of the function of the off-grid PV-system, is my thought.
Will also show Battery temperatur, time left in Float untill Standby charge, date för next Standby/Absorption charge if in Standby, date for next Equalization charge, the current temperatur compensated charge voltage, etc.

PV-Throttle is when the PV-controller (solar charger) restricts the power from the PV-panels to not overcharge the battery, which means the solar panels produces an excess of power.

Use the form inputs below to see de dynamic behavior of the dashboard:

Emulates: PV-power, SOC & Charge Stage:

At Float-charge >30hr => Standby. At Standby each 10days => Standby/Absorp.
Main Dashboard
PV-controller Dashboard.
PV off-grid Operational status
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